5-29-19 Education in the News

Chalkbeat--After educators weigh in, Newark schools set to get new textbooks that prioritize diversity

When Newark students return to school this fall, they’re likely to see brand-new books.

The district plans to spend $10 million to adopt new English, math, social studies, and science textbooks, according to the budget for next school year that the school board approved in March. The spending is meant to bring consistency to local classrooms and ensure that students are seeing instructional materials that reflect the district’s diversity.


Philissa Cramer, Patrick Wall  -  May 24, 2019



EducationWeek--Discipline or Treatment? Schools Rethinking Vaping Response

Hartford, Conn.

A glimpse of student athletes in peak physical condition vaping just moments after competing in a football game led Stamford High School Principal Raymond Manka to reconsider his approach to the epidemic.


The Associated Press| May 28, 2019

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The Hechinger Report--Can “playful assessments” tell us whether maker education works?

An MIT pilot project at two schools seeks to measure hands-on, collaborative learning

PORTOLA VALLEY, Calif. – Frame by frame, the simple round face sketched by seventh grader Annabelle Bechtel erupted into laughter in stop-motion animation, as she and her classmate Audrey Chung wove the face into a video they were making to explain satire. Other students were making their own videos, about foreshadowing, metaphor and other literary devices.


Chris Berdik| May 26, 2019