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Garden State Coalition of Schools/GSCS

160 West State Street

 Trenton NJ 08608

(609) 394-2828(office); (732)-618 5755 (cell)




  • Founded 1992
  • Non-Partisan, Non-Profit Education Advocacy Organization


About Us: Garden State Coalition of Schools FAQ’s

What Does GSCS Believe/Work to Achieve?

  • A permanent commitment to improving education without diminishing quality 
  • A broad perspective reflecting the concerns of educators, school board members, communities and parents
  • Emphasizes and advocates on the inter-related issues of academic achievement, educational practices and rational school finance

Who Belongs to GSCS?

  • Public school districts all over the state--from Camden County to Bergen County 
  • Member districts encompass a range of demographic and financial profiles and represent over 300,000 public school children. 
  • Participants include a unique mix of board of education members, superintendents, and parents all of whom bring a broad perspective to GSCS initiatives.


What Makes GSCS Effective?

  • GSCS brings the grassroots to the Statehouse: Respected as the only statewide educational advocacy organization serving a unique combination of school administrators, Board of Education members and parents.
  • A Track Recod of Success: GSCS has established a long list of successes in our 25-year history, earning the respect of Trenton decision makers and education leaders throughout the state.
  • Fast Acting: GSCS maintains an active presence in Trenton and can mobilize its statewide membership quickly, uniting GSCS members with state legislators and policymakers.
  •  Reliable Information: Frequently recognized by legislators for bringing accurate, reliable, nonpartisan information to the discussion table.
  •  A Media Resource: As a recognized voice for quality education, GSCS often is sought out by the media
  • Wide-Ranging Focus: GSCS is a leading advocate for public support of public education for all children, not just those in one socio-economic group.


Why GSCS Membership Matters to Your District

  • Ahead of the Curve: GSCS’  can provide early, behind-the-scenes information for members through its vast nonpartisan networkand has a reputation for reliability and integrity
  • Timely Messages: Members know their message is being presented to the media and decision makers when and where it matters.
  • Volunteer Power: With a lean professional staff and a high volunteer commitment, GSCS relies on its member districts to set policy and make decisions on program and policies.
  • Networking, Mentoring, Advocating: GSCS members benefit from the opportunity to network with other  districts' representatives at our Trustee Board meetings and statewide programs, which are open to all member districts.
  • Singular Focus: GSCS greatest strength is its intelligent, articulate, collective and focused voice.

How can my school district join GSCS?

  • Contact the Executive Director: For more information, answers to questions and/or a membership form, please contact Executive Director Betsy Ginsburg by email at gscschools@gmail.com or call (732)618-5755.
  • Membership Form: The membership form includes your district’s contact information, including names, addresses/email addresses/phone & fax numbers. After completing the form, you will receive a dues invoice.
  • Dues: The 2019-2020 annual membership dues are $2,500. Dues are based on a fiscal calendar and are payable annually on July 1.
  • Joining After July 1: Dues are prorated on a quarterly basis for new member districts joining later in the fiscal year and should be received by GSCS within the month after the new district's board of education passes a resolution to join. 
  • Resolution Required: A Board of Education resolution,including the date on which your district will join GSCS, is required to join the Garden State Coalition of Schools. This resolution is needed only for the initial membership. It is not needed in subsequent years when membership is renewed. For a sample resolution, please see  http://www.gscschools.org/gsc/About%20GSCS/Membership%20Resolution%20Example/

How will my district receive GSCS information?

  • E-mail List: GSCS communications generally go through the offices of member districts' superintendents. Superintendent’s then disseminate GSCS information to their boards of education on a regular and timely basis. Board members and parents can also receive GSCS mailings directly.  To do so, send contact information to gscshools@gmail.com. 
  • "News and Notes", our electronic newsletter, comes out every other week. We also send the Trustee Dispatch several days in advance of our monthl board meetings.  Occasional FYI emails directly from the Executive Director keep members informed of fast-paced developments.
  • Website: Our website, found at www.gscschools.org provides up-to-the minute and valuable information. Bookmark the site and visit daily for the "Buzz" round-up of education news and to stay informed and connected to GSCS.
  • Social Media: Follow us on Twitter @gscschools and "Like" us on Facebook

What about GSCS meetings?

  • Monthly Board Meetings: GSCS Board of Trustees meetings are held monthly during the school year, generally on the fourth Wednesday of the month (See the meetings calendar at http://www.gscschools.org/gsc/About%20GSCS/GSCS%20Meetings%20Calendar%202015-2016.html/_top
  • Open to All Members; All GSCS member districts are welcome at the meetings and have a voice, but only Trustee Districts may vote. District representatives usually include the superintendent of schools and any interested board of education liaisons and school administrators wishing to attend. All districts are requested to RSVP their attendance before the meeting to gscschools@gmail.com so that accommodations are adequate.
  • Trustee Districts: Twenty-four districts are elected to the Trustee Board for rotating three-year terms, and it is their role to set policy and direction for the Coalition, generally acting upon the recommendations of the Executive Committee. This group of officers includes the president, treasurer/president-elect, officer-at-large, past president (s) and two vice presidents. 
  • Annual Meeting: One of the highlights of the GSCS year, the Annual Meeting is held in late May.  GSCS also holds occasional statewide summits on topics of member interest and concern.



The purpose of the Garden State Coalition of Schools (GSCS) is to promote educational practices, reasonable state regulations and state laws which further high quality education for all children. GSCS’ primary focus is on the interrelated issues of academic achievement education practices and school finance.

GSCS supports efforts towards more equitable education opportunities for all school children. Wise public policy includes a permanent commitment to both quality and equity. GSCS believes that equity should be achieved by improving education and not by diminishing quality and eliminative school programs that have led to high student achievement.