• SCROLL DOWN HOMEPAGE FOR CHRONOLOGICAL LISTING OF NEWS, ISSUES, STATEHOUSE MEETINGS etc. Active participants reflect a unique mix of citizens and parents, as well as educators and lay leadership, who bring a broad perspective to GSCS initiatives.
  • Statewide membership has quintupled since formally organizing in 1992 and now formally includes more than 100 school districts with a range of financial resources. Through its membership, GSCS now represents nearly 325,000 public school children.
  • GSCS brings a focused advocacy to the table at the statehouse in Trenton, strengthened by a recognized expertise in school funding. GSCS KEEPS YOU INFORMED

GSCS - Celebrating Our 21st Year of Grassroots Advocacy for Quality Public Education for All Students.....GSCS GETS ITS MEMBERS' MESSAGE OUT - In addition to members and interested citizens, GSCS sends information from its website www.gscschools.org out to the Statehouse - legislative and executive branch officials and staff, as well as to the media, on a regular basis.....INFORMATION IS KEY - FIND OUT WITH GSCS! STAY IN TOUCH WITH ISSUES THAT AFFECT YOU, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR HOMES AND YOUR COMMUNITY....WHAT HAPPENS IN TRENTON IMPACTS YOU AT HOME....FIND OUT & STAY TUNED & BE ACTIVE WHEN IT COUNTS....Up to mid-January 2012, the GSCS website has experienced approximately 545K hits and more than 60K visits; as of January 2012 the GSCS website - www.gscschools.org - has more than 2,000,000M verified hits and more than 30K 'unique' visits to date....and counting.....


Email is GSCS' main communication method!
Please ensure your email inbox recognizes GSCS Group Emails as FAVORITES or "SAFE" email! Too many districts and individual email address reject our group email address 'gscs2000@gmail.com' outright, and unfortuately valuable information gets lost.

Parents, Board of Education Members, School Administrators, Concerned Citizens!
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