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About GSCS

Active participants reflect a unique mix of citizens and parents, as well as educators and lay leadership, who bring a broad perspective to GSCS initiatives.

Statewide membership has quintupled since formally organizing in 1992 and now formally includes more than 100 school districts with a range of financial resources. Through its membership, GSCS now represents nearly 325,000 public school children.

GSCS brings a focused advocacy to the table at the statehouse in Trenton, strengthened by a recognized expertise in school funding. GSCS KEEPS YOU INFORMED

Did you know that GSCS membership represents a spread among district factor groups from DFG B to DFG J?...In fact, 40% of GSCS members are not considered high wealth districts. When GSCS advocates for its membership in Trenton, its Board of Trustees determines, and then pursues, the common denominator needs of its members. This is why GSCS has focused on such issues as increasing special education aid, lobbying the Statehouse to jump up its 'giveback' of aid by 20% more in last year's state budget, mandate reflief, seeking tenure, evaluation and charter school reform that is reasonable and doable. And these are just a few examples.

GSCS is recognized as a major information source of education and related issues, its website alone has already had more than 2M verified visits. GSCS Email-Net 'Trenton Updates' are sent to a large statewide mailing list approximately 26 times a year.

A few years back GSCS helped to turn around Governor Corzine's plan to have local districts absorb more than $30M in debt service...This is the kind of common denominator issue that is very important and yet not divisive among members. GSCS has had, and continues to have, success in getting its message of quality education for all NJ public school students across to Trenton.

Credibility and practicality, combined with ideas aknowledged by Trenton to be workable, have given GSCS its successful track record.

GSCS appreciates the input and feedback of our members that has contributed to GSCS accomplishments. Thank for your help and please keep it up. It is, and has been, well worth it.


Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608

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