Major points in Education Funding Report
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1) Use average daily attendance figures to award aid (rather than the October 15 ASSA counts based on a one-day snapshot of a districtís pupil count).<P>

2) Adjustment aid reduction: for those districts that are spending over adequacy and are receiving Adjustment (hold harmless) aid, their aid will be reduced by 50% over the course of the next 5 years.<P>

3) Student weights: At Risk and LEP weights are brought back (reduced) to the original recommendations of the Professional Judgment Panels that were brought in to help determine parameters of the SFRA formula.<P>

4) Create a $50M Innovation fund to award grants to districts the implement successful, innovative programs. (This is to begin in the near future, but not for FY2012-2013.)<P>

5) Recommendations and aid changes to will occur over a 5 year transition period, with every year providing more funding support to local districts than the prior year.