1-18-12 GSCS ‘Take’ on the School Elections Law
GSCS ‘Take’ on the School Elections Law

(A4394/S3148): “The new law allows school districts to move their April elections to the November general election, either by asking voters for their OK — or by a resolution of the local school board or governing body. In districts that move elections to November, boards will also no longer have to seek voter approval for budgets that fall within the state's 2 percent tax levy increase cap.” (Star Ledger, 1-18-12)

GSCS: This law is “effective immediately” upon the Governor’s signing (1-17-12).The timeline to implement this option is will be short. This is a complicated issue that needs open public discussion, especially since it provides that districts that opt for the November election will not have a public vote for school budgets that do not exceed the 2% cap (as legislated by prior law). It's reasonable that each community will need to understand and be given enough time to absorb the details and implications of the changes in this new law. With all that has been going on in New Jersey, it is our sense that the public has not been tuned into A4394, and thus care – within reason, given the abbreviated timelines - should be taken to appropriately inform community.

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