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9-7-18 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: More Than Academics — It’s Time to Elevate HS Graduation Requirements

It’s up to the state Board of Education to continue New Jersey’s national leadership in innovation and quality education

Speaking as a New Jersey school superintendent, I believe the state Board of Education should approve proposed changes to New Jersey’s standards and assessments that reduce the number of high school PARCC tests and require students to pass them to graduate.

But just as important, New Jersey should also start taking a close look at the national trend toward eliminating “exit tests” completely and continue to take a leadership role in the emphasis on kids’ social-emotional wellness.


Scott Taylor | September 7, 2018


Star Ledger--Kids are sweating in school, and many aren't getting AC anytime soon

The 2018-19 school year is starting amid a heat wave, and that is a rough development for the many students and teachers whose classrooms lack air conditioning.

Schools are closing early Thursday, on the first day of classes, in four of New Jersey's biggest cities -- Paterson, Camden, Trenton and Jersey City.


Rob Jennings| Updated Sep 6, 9:44 AM; Posted Sep 6, 7:16 AM


The Record--Teacher-student texting grows, but so does concern about the trend

More educators are using text messages to communicate with students, recognizing that texts can be the quickest and most effective way to distribute information about class assignments, schedule changes and exams. 

But they are also taking extra precautions to make sure conversations don’t put them, or their students, at risk, at a time when controversies over improper use of texting continue to mount. 

Parents and administrators can also play a role in overseeing communications, experts say. 


Hannan Adely, North Jersey Record Published 6:21 a.m. ET Sept. 7, 2018


North Jersey Record--Should you buy a 'bulletproof backpack' for your child? We tested their performance

In a sign of the times, 'bulletproof' backpacks for kids are now on some parents back-to-school shopping lists. Do they work?

Hawthorne Police Sgt. James W. Geier raised the muzzle of his Benelli M2 Tactical shotgun. He took a half-step forward, leaning into the big 12-gauge as he pressed its butt tightly against his right shoulder.

Then he squeezed the trigger, sending nine steel pellets at 1,325 feet per second toward a black backpack.


Christopher Maag, North Jersey Record Published 12:34 p.m. ET Sept. 6, 2018 | Updated 3:50 p.m. ET Sept. 6, 2018


NY Times—“How Do You Walk Back Into a Classroom Again?”

Teaching in the Age of School Shootings

On Jan. 23, three weeks into the spring semester, a 15-year-old sophomore named Gabe Parker brought his stepfather’s 9-millimeter Ruger handgun to Marshall County High School in Western Kentucky, opened fire on the more than 600 students who were milling about the main common area waiting for the morning bell to ring, then dropped his weapon near the auditorium and disappeared into the chaos he had created.

Teachers were the first responders.


Jeneen Interlandi, Sept. 5, 2018


Education Week--Here's What's Behind the Nation's 'C' Grade on Student Achievement

When it comes to ranking school quality, one high-profile marker—academic achievement—takes center stage. How much students actually learn, whether they complete their K-12 education, and how states stack up against each other can offer a rough proxy for how well the nation's public school system is doing its job.


Alex Harwin| September 5, 2018


Garden State Coalition of Schools
160 W. State Street, Trenton New Jersey 08608