4-26-18 Education in the News

NJ Spotlight--Opinion: Sweeney’s Jersey City Gambit for Education Aid

The Senate president’s strategy to redistribute aid from overfunded districts is far more palatable than Murphy’s plan to raise taxes


Carl Golden | April 26, 2018


NJ Spotlight--Racial tensions flare at Newark’s elite Science Park High School

Parents, teachers, administrators, and students wrestle with admission policies that some say are racist

For months, a racially charged debate has been raging behind the scenes at Science Park High School about how one of Newark’s most elite schools selects its students.

Last week, it erupted into full view.


Patrick Wall | Chalkbeat | April 26, 2018


The Atlantic--The Value of Failing

A new research center at Columbia University is committed to figuring out how to turn failure into success.

Every kid has that moment when she realizes that the adults she admires aren’t perfect. Few children ever learn, however, that the same is true for the inventors and intellectual giants whose distinguished portraits permeate their history textbooks.  


Isabel Fattal| Apr 25, 2018


Education Week--U.S. 4th Graders Surprise on New Exam of Online Reading

International results leave some 'elated'

New York

U.S. 4th graders performed surprisingly well on a new international test of online reading ability, outperforming their peers in 10 of the 15 other educational systems that participated.

"We were actually elated," said Peggy G. Carr, the associate commissioner for assessment at the National Center for Education Statistics, during a discussion of the results at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association, held here this month.


Benjamin Herold| April 24, 2018