5-9-14 A GSCS Note: Quality Education For All Students While Balancing the State Budget
GSCS: The next year's FY'15 State Budget process, while well underway, is clearly at a crossroads given the $807M shortfall in the current year's budget. What options are being considered? When will there be a public discussion about those options? It appears that there should be some response to these questions within a few weeks.

We hear everything is on the table--from all budget items across the board getting a "haircut" to maybe larger budget items being singled out. Clearly education is a large part of the state budget, but clearly education already has had to absorb deep cuts in recent years. Trenton must take this recent history into consideration when making budgetary decisions.

Quality education for all students is GSCS' goal, and GSCS will stay a presence in this regard for its members and beyond. . . . Stay tuned, we will keep you informed.